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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The new NRMA diet is proving to be very popular not only with car enthusiasts but ordinary, worried, diet conscious, people. It has been claimed that the oil companies are sponsoring this diet as many of the recipes contain oil in various forms. The Lumberjack cake, Marvil cake and avocado tossed salad all have too much oil, fats & sugar in them but are proving to be popular.

The new AA diet consists of only almonds & avocados. How could a person be abstentanious on that?
Water Saving devices & Tips

We are all concerned with how to save water (except Sydney Water whose brief it is to sell as much as possible and make a profit). Do we need to wash ourselves and cars with water? Tribes of people who live in desert areas use sand/mud. Birds dust bathe to rid themselves of mites and to stay clean so why not modern humans living in cities or rural areas? The old saying save water shower with a friend should now be dust bathe with a friend/s.People of the future may be Genetically modified with long tongues so that they can lick themselves clean like a cat.
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